The Resort

Archipelago Resorts stretches across ten private islands within the Philippine province of Palawan. The exclusive resorts are located just a short boat trip from Busuanga Island – the gateway to some of the world's most scenic diving sites – and surrounded by the most spectacular pristine white sand beaches and breathtaking seascape panoramas.

Privileged residents will be able to retreat to the privacy of the resorts' landscaped gardens and relax on soft white sand beaches, swim amongst tranquil gin blue waters and enjoy sweeping vistas of neighboring tropical isles.

Development of the tropical private island resorts and villas will begin shortly, and homeowners will be able to take advantage of a range of specially selected amenities that Archipelago Resorts offers, including community and in-residence custom-sculpted swimming pools and thermal spas, all-weather tennis courts and well-appointed clubhouses, featuring day spas and fitness centers, resident lounges and upscale bistro cafés and restaurants.

Archipelago is an all inclusive resort that covers all your expenses during your stay. All activities and amenities are complimentary - you pay for nothing - including concierge and housekeeping services, cafés and restaurants, recreational and sightseeing activities, spa treatments and island hopping excursions.

We welcome you to peruse the entire collection of our first-class amenities to learn about a luxurious tropical island lifestyle that Archipelago Resorts affords all its distinguished residents, and to contact us to see how you can become one of a handful of privileged homeowners on one of our exclusive private island paradises.

The Archipelago Clubhouses
The Essence Of Luxurious Tropical Living

Archipelago Resorts' tropical-inspired clubhouses offer privileged residents and guests an unparalleled range of recreational amenities with indoor and outdoor facilities that provide a tranquil setting for residents to relax amid the tropical island estates.

Tropical Pools: Residents will enjoy sweeping views of white sand beaches and gin blue waters from community and private villa swimming pools and thermal spas. Custom-sculpted infinity pools and spas are set amidst a lush tropical setting bordered by natural stone works and landscaped gardens providing a tranquil venue to swim, sunbathe or just relax.

Tennis Courts: Beautifully landscaped tennis courts are available for daytime and nighttime recreational and fitness pleasure. Whether you are vying in match play or just volleying around with family and friends, you will enjoy playing on the professionally designed all-weather courts set amidst a lush tropical setting.

Day Spas & Fitness Centers: Day spas will offer visitors a relaxing environment to unwind after a workout or swim and include well-appointed his-and-her bathrooms, changing rooms and shower facilities with custom-fitted sauna and steam rooms, as well as resident-only massage and reflexology therapy. State-of-the-art fitness centers are available exclusively for the convenience and wellbeing of the resorts' residents and distinctive guests. The sports clubs will include an array of cardio and weight training equipment, and outfitted with a high-end flat screen televisions and stereo systems providing visitors with a comfortable workout environment.

Salons & Lounges: Elegantly furnished with couches and settees, the resident lounges will provide a comfortable setting with billiard and card tables for homeowners to socialize with fellow residents and guests. The rooms will include high-end television and sound systems situated among the sitting area for visitors viewing pleasure.

Bistro Cafés & Restaurants: Upscale bistro cafés and restaurants will serve an eclectic mix of Asian-style and western-influenced cuisine alongside a wide assortment of freshly caught seafood from the local waters. The brasseries will provide an enjoyable dining experience with both indoor and poolside facilities, allowing residents to enjoy the breathtaking views of the white sand beaches and tropical seas.

Boutique Shops: Boutique shops will provide the residents and guests with a wide selection of locally-crafted souvenirs, tropical-inspired clothing, and handcrafted jewelry and mementos, as well as convenient access to a wide selection of sundries, including health and personal care items, groceries, snacks and refreshments.

Enjoy A Luxurious Tropical Island Lifestyle

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