Coron Island

Coron Island offers a memorable and rewarding getaway where visitors can snorkel, swim and trek among the beautiful natural environs. The sheltered nature reserve is renowned for its pristine lagoons and inland lakes, lush tropical rainforests and soaring limestone cliffs that encircle the island.

Twin Lagoons: Set amidst the coastal backdrop of beautiful lushly-covered limestone cliffs, the twin lagoons provide a placid setting to swim amongst the aquamarine waters. Sightseers can swim or kayak through the 3-meter wide opening that separates the lagoons and enjoy the vibrant coral and tropical marine life that envelops the environs.

Cayangan & Barracuda Lakes: Enjoy a leisurely walk among the lush scenic pathways that meander through the hinterland to the protected volcanic lakes. Visitors can bathe amongst the refreshing waters or relax upon the shores and enjoy the lush tropical forest that borders the lakes. Small caves line Cayangan Lake – deemed to be among the Philippines' purest freshwater lakes – and enable adventuresome sightseers to explore the natural grotto interiors. Divers can experience the exhilarating thermocline of Barracuda Lake that separates the upper cool freshwaters from the geological hot spring seawaters below and explore the underwater 30-meter long cavern where you may chance upon the famed lonesome barracuda who is the namesake of the lake.

Atuayan & Banol Beaches: Situated amidst the coastline of Coron Island lie powdery white sand beaches framed by picturesque rock formations that soar from the beach shorelines. Day trippers can relax on the soft sands and bathe amongst the calm gin blue waters that stretch out from the beaches. The beaches are a favorite for kayaking and snorkeling. The adventuresome can also scale the vertical peaks to reach the sheltered waters of Atuayan Lake.