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Archipelago Resorts enables a privileged group of individuals the opportunity to own a luxurious beachfront villa in an exclusive tropical island setting. Homeowners can purchase residences under long term 50-year leaseholds that enables residents to enjoy beneficial ownership and use of their home and property.

The tropical Philippines island homes are selectively sited on a 2000 square meter beautifully-landscaped homesteads with a collection of well-appointed residences that include:

300 square meter 3-bedroom villas
400 square meter 4-bedroom villas
500 square meter 5-bedroom villas

Homeowners can purchase our Traditional Leasehold program that offers a 50-year long-term lease with prices starting at US$ 1.45 million. Homeowners also have an option to participate in our Capital Return Leasehold program with prices starting at US$ 1.95 million, under which Archipelago Resorts guarantees a 100% return of the lease price at the end of the 50-year lease term or the option to renew at no cost for another 50-year term.

Archipelago Resorts
Residential Management

Archipelago Resorts offers two residential maintenance options for homeowners. Residents who participate in the resort rental program pay annual maintenance fees of US$ 58,000 and will receive 50% of profits generated from rental revenues of your beachfront villa. Villas placed in the rental program include a custom-fitted furniture and furnishings collection that is renovated and replaced at no cost every seven years.

Residents have the option to opt out of the rental program and pay annual maintenance fees of US$ 38,000. This option does not include the custom-fitted furniture and furnishings collection, which can be acquired separately when you purchase your beachfront villa.

All residents enjoy our all inclusive free amenities program, which covers all expenses during your stay at the resort. Activities and amenities are provided to our privileged residents and guests free of charge, including concierge and housekeeping services, caf├ęs and restaurants, recreational and sightseeing activities, spa treatments, and water ferry and ground transportation.

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