Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Coron Bay and the Calamianes is world renowned for its underwater diving and snorkeling sites with an extensive warren of sunken shipwrecks, submerged caverns, tropical coral reefs and exotic fish species. The highly acclaimed diving sites has been named by Forbes Traveler Magazine as one of the world's top 10 best scuba diving destinations.

Our all-inclusive diving and snorkeling tours enables residents and guests to explore all the popular sites with programs for snorkelers and novice to expert divers. PADI certified instructors will provide scuba diving lessons for all experience levels and accompany guests on specially-arranged tours throughout the archipelago.

The crystal clear gin blue waters and extensive underwater visibility provides divers and snorkelers with an amazing profusion of tropical marine and plant life, including schools of brightly colored reef fish, sea fans, barrel sponges and soft corals.

Cathedral Cave: Explore the well-known Cathedral Cave (aka Gunter's Cave) named for the way the sunlight illuminates the interior through a fissure in the cavern's rooftop. Located on the southeastern point of Coron Island amidst a backdrop of sheer rock face, the cave is accessible at a depth of 10 meters (33 feet), and descends into a cavern where divers can surface above the sparkling waters and rock formations that are illuminated by the sunlight. A reef wall by the outer cave opening also offers divers stunning views of colorful coral and exotic fish.

Coral Diving: Experience some of the world's most beautiful reef diving amongst hard and soft multihued corals surrounded by a profusion of colorful underwater fauna, flora and tropical fish. Our dive tours will chaperon guests across the Coron Bay and Calamianes archipelago where you can explore magnificent fringing reefs, drop-offs, ledges and walls, and discover a pristine ecosystem teeming with marine life in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Wreck Diving: Our dive tours permit guests to explore Japanese World War II shipwrecks that are scattered across the coastline, including gunboats, submarine hunters and supply transports that line the coastline at depths of 3 – 40 meters (10 – 132 feet). Guests can swim amidst the coral encrusted ships and even explore the interiors where you can discover a diverse habitat of tropical fish living amongst the submerged wreckage.