Rental Program

Archipelago Resorts enables you as the owner of your residence to place your villa into the resort rental program - when not inhabited by you - where it will be diligently maintained and rented out to holiday travelers on your behalf. As a homeowner you receive 50% of the profits that your beachfront villa generates.

The voluntary rental program allows homeowners to reside in their beachfront villas without any time restrictions - you can stay as long as you want throughout the year - and receive rental income when you are not living in your beachfront villa. This remarkable rental program enables residents to generate a high rate of return and homeowners can recoup many more times their villa's original purchase price if they regularly place their property in the rental pool.

The rental program employs a fair and transparent system - using a cooperative model - to calculate and pay out rental income on a quarterly basis. Homeowners who participate in the rental pool receive an equal share of the rental income based on the floor plan size and open days their beachfront villas are available to rent out. This feature enables a homeowner to receive a proportional share of the rental proceeds even if their individual villa was not rented out during the calendar quarter. The rental program provides homeowners with the peace of mind that their property will generate a steady monthly income when placed into the program.

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