Marine Parks

The local governments of the Calamianes actively promote marine conservation through the development of aquatic parks that preserves the biodiversity of native fish and marine species. The island chain is home to several celebrated marine sanctuaries where visitors can swim and snorkel among protected seawaters that shelter a wide variety of tropical aquatic and coral species.

Siete Pecados: The celebrated marine park comprises a cluster of seven islets and is conveniently located adjacent to Coron Island. The sheltered sanctuary is geologically protected from strong oceanic currents and provides a wonderful snorkeling experience with its extensive coral growths and schools of tropical multicolor fish.

Decalve Marine Park: The sanctuary encompasses three marine habitats featuring mangrove-lined coastal fringes and extensive seabed of coral reefs and seagrass. The protected area includes the Sangat Island Coral Garden and Sangat Gunboat Wreck, where visitors can snorkel amidst a submerged Japanese World War II boat and abundant marine life that inhabit the wreck.

Marile Coral Garden: The enchanting underwater paradise is located nearby the famed Lusong gunboat wreck and offers visitors a vibrant collection of aquatic life that dwell alongside a diverse array of brightly multicolored coral reefs.

Bogor Marine Park: The large marine park encompasses twenty hectares of fringing coral reef adjoining Bogor Island near the northern coast of Culion Island. The sanctuary and adjacent reefs are frequented by divers who consider the area as one of the most best diving spots.