Island Hopping

The Calamianes archipelago that surrounds your private island resort is sprinkled with scores of placid atolls and isles. Our all-inclusive ferry service escorts residents and guests in comfort to discover and explore the numerous islands, beaches and inlets that dot the tropical Palawan coastline. Then share in a leisurely lunch banquet and indulge in a wide selection of fresh seafood and local delicacies prepared by our expert chefs as you enjoy a relaxing daytrip in your tropical paradise.

Daylong excursions include Calumbuyan Island renowned for its vibrant coral reefs, Malajon (Black) Island with its dark-hued karst bluffs and labyrinth of interconnecting caves, Talampulan Island and the picturesque fishing village of Panlaitan, Calauit Island game preserve and wildlife sanctuary, Culion Island with its historical walking tours of centuries-old buildings and all of the ten private island resorts that encompass Archipelago Resorts.