Busuanga & Coron

The Busuanga Island countryside offers stunning vistas of rainforest-fringed foothills and rice paddy-lined valleys that gently roll down to pristine white sand beaches and tranquil gin blue seawaters. Visitors can take pleasure in strolling among the native fauna and flora that inhabit the countryside while enjoying views of cascading waterfalls and crystal clear natural springs that meander through the tropical island landscape.

The English speaking inhabitants are carefree and hospitable, and always willing to welcome visitors with open arms and warmhearted smiles. The Filipinos' cheerful dispositions and friendly demeanors makes any guest's stay a truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The island's commerce is centered on agricultural, deep sea fishing and tourism activities. The abundant waters that encircle the tropical island provide inhabitants with a year-round bounty of seafood and marine life, while the fertile terrain provide productive environment for cattle raising and cultivating cashew, coconut, mango and rice crops.

The local towns offer convenient access to a variety of shops and services, where visitors can find a range of personal and healthcare necessities, as well as numerous local cafés, fresh markets and sari-sari convenience stores. Coron Town is the main commercial center and starting point for traveling to Archipelago Resorts. The quaint shop-lined streets of this maritime hamlet offer tourists a wide range of amenities and services, including seafood markets, bazaars, souvenir shops and restaurants. Colorful jeepneys and tricycles regularly ply the public roads and offer a convenient way to explore the charming downtown area and countryside.

The tropical sunny climate and light trade winds bless Busuanga Island with year-round average temperatures of 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit). Cool ocean breezes provide visitors with a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy daytime beach activities and provide pleasant evenings for guests to enjoy the tropical island sunsets and nightlife.